About Masterpeez

What makes a place memorable? Of course, Some memories! We buy things from that particular place and keep them as a treasure on our shelves or cupboards. When we take it in our hands, we can feel the place. What you held or kept to feel that particular emotion is the masterpiece of that place! Our venture intends to bring these masterpieces of different regions, artisans, artists and cultures to a wider audience. Masterpeez is a marketplace to give a space for these beautiful things that are treasured, owned, loved and passed from generation to generation.

Why do you need it? It depends from person to person. For some people it may be a kind of passion to collect those things, for some others it may be a decorative item to bring antiquity to their homes, it may be a memory of their favourite trip, it can be a way to help the artisans who made it etc. Masterpeez wishes to bring contemporary forms to the modern ways of living. We have plenty of masterpieces from various parts of the globe to exhibit the master crafts and artefacts of many places. Masterpeez is a way to meet and enhance the aesthetic needs of people across the globe.

Masterpeez is our passion for artefacts and craft items to introduce masterpieces that always wondered us. Over the past six years, we have been imparting our service to many people. Recently, we thought about digitalising this mission to deliver these products of culture and history. We hope to revive the tradition and skill of the makers who are not able to earn and spread their businesses. Through Masterpeez , we’d love to exhibit ideas, beauty, sweat, perfection, dedication, heart and souls of real creators of beauty!


Reincarnating beauty and culture! Our vision is to expose masterpieces created and carved by real masterminds. We wish to deliver masterpieces of different regions for people all over the world. It may be difficult for people to find all masterpieces from a platform, Masterpeez is a one-stop-shop for those needs.


To deliver artefacts from the masterminds to a global arena! We hope to deliver artefacts and crafts made by creators to those who are not able to get them. Our mission is to provide the best quality masterpieces to the buyers thereby help the makers. We love to extend these products to the global market as a service to the customers and creators alike.